When the movie ends and where the conversation begans

We Review Movies and TV shows

Here on GoodTV, we review any movie or TV series from every genre. Our reviews range from iconic anime such as Naruto to the classic L.A. Confidential. We are a diverse group of individuals.

We are not academic film critics

Cultural impact or historical significance does not form the basis of our reviews nor does Cinematography, audio post-production, and special effects. We believe each of the aforementioned factors plays a large role in the quality of a movie yet our reviews will highlight factors that the public can easily relate

Our grading scale: Entertainment value

Our reviews revolved around answering 3 questions.

Is it re-watchable?

Finding Nemo and Up are great movies, however, Finding Nemo is more re-watchable than Up.

Is it entertaining?

Our definition of entertainment is if a movie or TV show can keep you attention and prevent you from picking up your phone. A great movie such as Precious may be hard to watch due to its emotional toll but throughout the entire movie, you are engaged.

Is it memorable?

Precious and Finding Nemo are excellent examples of movies that demand a spot in your memory.

We hope by answering these 3 questions our reviews will spark more conversation than a debate about the movie being good or not.

A note about spoilers Each review will state if it has spoilers before the start of the review.