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Black Clover Episode 2 Review

Black Clover Episode 2 review

This episode reminisced on Asta and Yuno's background and the scene delivered on every note. The background story between them motivates their current persona. As the audience, we finally can appreciate Asta relentless hunger to become the Wizard King. Although this episode is not without its faults which leaves us with some questions marks.

Asta, the bullish

As they encountered trouble Asta shows bravery beyond his years and protects them both. It is amazing to see a young brave Asta against discouraging odds. The juxtaposition of a heroic Asta and a terrified Yuno highlights our hero even more. A question this scene leaves me with is why is Asta so brave. Honestly, I hate to continue to compare Black Clover and Naruto, however, the similarities remain glaringly obvious so it justifies a comparison.  We learn very early on Naruto's motivation by the bonds he shares with others and his socioeconomic status within the village plus Naruto did not have to state these things. Asta disposition is still somewhat mysterious. Asta told us, an annoyingly amount of times, that his motivation stems from being an orphan yet that reasoning seems underdeveloped, forced and leaves me wanting more. 

The curious case of Yuno

Yuno still is the major question mark for me. Specifically, I find it hard to believe Yuno determination to become the Wizard King. The flashback to a younger Yuno explained his bond to Asta in full. Yuno's motivation to be Asta's rival and one day be the wizard king is unclear. So what that the young heroes united after facing obstacles together? It is a huge jump to go from a terrified kid to working hard to become the wizard king. I need a catalyst and calling that flashback scene a catalyst is like calling a match a bonfire. 

Final Thoughts

The younger Asta and Yuno did more than just explained their bond; it made me want to root for them. When a show has me emotionally invested than it is a must see. Even though there are key underdeveloped character motivations, episode 2 should have been the starting point for the series.