When the movie ends and where the conversation begans

Black Clover Episode 1 Review - Who is Naruto

A Poor Man's Naruto

My first impression after watching the first episode of Black Clover of the glaring similarities between this show and Naruto. When I think of magic, I imagine spectacle and amazement yet Black Clover comes off as a hack or a gimmick. For those unfamiliar Naruto is about an orphan who is neglected and shunned by his village and overtime this orphan rise above obstacles to become the hero of his village and the shinobi world. That is an oversimplification, however, the point is that Naruto has a simple a formula. Poor unacknowledged Orphan + resilient ambition + unbelievable feats = An acknowledge respectable leader. The creator of Black Clover focus too much on exploiting this formula and too less on developing his own magic.

An Ounce of Magic

Putting aside the possible copyright infringement Black Clover has something to it that grab my attention. Maybe it was the ending which was my favorite part of the episode. Maybe it was the character Yuno who is currently my favorite. I cannot put my finger on what makes this show good but I can say it is not a waste of time. The show has a dynamic between the two protagonists which is magical. That dynamic is unique enough to keep your interest. That is where Black Clover shines the most. Where you are allowed to see the layered connections within this relationship.

Chained to it

This show wears on it sleeve the influence of Naruto and at times this can be disappointing. Nevertheless, If I look past its similarities, then I can start to appreciate its merit. Black Clover is not a must watch, but it's something to watch.